Agile Data Strategies

Turn your Data into Business Insights. Make Informed Decisions.

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Software Developer & Data Analyst

I help People turn their Business Data into Actionable Insights.

I'm an Agile enthusiast with Analytics and Programming Skills.
Over 15 years experience offering IT Services including but not limited to Web Development, Data Analytics, IT Infrastructure Support and Systems Administration. Speak Spanish-English.

  • Agile Development & Project Management
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Web Applications & Restful Webservices
  • Website, eCommerce, Web Analytics & SEO
What I Do

Services and Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Connect and Analyze your Operational Data at all levels within your company to make Faster Business Decisions.

Empower your teams to embrace a data-driven culture. Help them integrate data from disparate sources, track the metrics that matter and build reports quicker.

I build Self-service Business Intelligence Solutions with Reports and Dashboards in the Cloud for your teams in Sales, Marketing and Business Executives to share insights, collaborate and analyze data in a secure environment.

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Web Application Development

Ever wanted to test new ideas and bring innovation into your processes? Build Custom Web Applications to prove your concept before changing your Current Setup.

Play and Experiment with different scenarios to achieve your goals before going live. Build new functionality and external support modules for your Current Applcations or ERP Systems.

I build Python/Ruby-enabled Web Applications to help you test innovation concepts and extend your current code base.

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Restful Web Services-APIs

Let your users decide how to interact with your application. You concentrate on building Core Functionality and Serve your applcation to different mobile and web devices.

Connect, Import and Export Data to further analysis. Integrate Databases and perform Maintenance Operations.

I build Restful Web Services-APIs for your Applications.

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